Do you want your child to develop a love of music, strong work ethic, or appreciation of beauty?  Do you want them to be engaged in the world, a good citizen, interested in culture, and respectful of others?  Is developing grace and humanity one of the most important things to make this a better place for everyone to live? 

This is the vision of Shinichi Suzuki coming out of WWII Japan.

Madeleine in a teaching moment

Hello!  My name is Jeremy.  I am a Suzuki violin & viola teacher, helping students and families create a lifelong relationship with music through the violin (& viola!).  I am also a father of 2 young girls, and the assistant principal violist with Vancouver Symphony.  Take a look around, read my Bio, some reviews, the FAQs, or listen to one of my performances, and then use the contact form and include a phone number.

Although I have worked for various institutions before, like the community music center, I love working directly with families, which allows me to fully customize my music curriculum to your child.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our recent performance at the Arlene Schnitz Concert hall! – March 2024

Below is a picture from a group recital (pre-pandemic!):

(group classes have restarted!)